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ARS specialise in the survey of buildings for the detection of asbestos content. We enable our clients, mainly  in Norfolk and Suffolk,  to meet the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, by assessing the various materials used in the construction of the client premises.

Our asbestos surveyors are fully trained by NATAS to P402 (Building Surveying and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos) standard, and hold the industry recognised BOHS P402 qualification enabling us to offer any of the three fundamental survey types -
As we head towards 2012, it's almost eight years since the Control of Asbestos at Work regulation 4  became law, and yet there are still many thousands of businesses that have not had a survey carried out as required under that law.

Local councils and HSE departments are increasingly interested in businesses that have not complied - don't run the risk of prosecution - take action and book your survey with ARS by calling
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Our survey report will detail the location and condition of any asbestos materials found.  The report will list Material Assessment data for each proven or presumed 'asbestos containing material' (ACM) in the premises, forming the basis of an asbestos register for use within your asbestos management programme.  We can also produce and maintain an updateable electronic register, if required, for larger sites.

It is a common misconception of many managers that their building doesn't contain asbestos - 'because they can't see anything that looks like asbestos' - see our examples page for some of the products that could contain asbestos in your premises.

All types of businesses from small 'owner occupier' premises to large industrial sites with multiple buildings are catered for - with fast turn around and competitive pricing.

We do not remove asbestos and therefore have no vested interests and can give a completly un-biased report, however, if it is your intention to remove and asbestos found, for instance during a complete refurbishment or demolition, we can recomend trusted removal companies.
Legal requirements: The duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises

On 21st May 2004, Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 became Law, creating a new legal duty to manage Asbestos in all non-domestic premises. This was exceeded in 2006 with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 - see -

The regulation reminds us that the Duty Holder (anyone who is responsible for maintaining and repairing all or part of a property, or who has control of the building - for example the occupier or the owner) has an explicit duty under the act, to assess and manage the risk to their staff and indeed anyone who enters the building, from the effects of asbestos in the building. It is also likely that the building owner will also ultimately have a liability under the regulation, even if the building is rented out, and should therefore be able to demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure compliance.

The regulation requires that the Duty Holder  must -
  • take reasonable steps to determine the location of materials likely to contain asbestos (ACM's);
  • presume materials to contain asbestos unless there are good reasons not to do so;
  • make and maintain a writen record of the location of the ACM's and presumed ACM's and access and monitor their condition;
  • Assess the risk of exposure from ACM's and presumed ACM's and prepare a written plan of the actions and measures necessary to manage the risk (i.e. the management plan); and
  • take steps to see that these actions are carried out.
"I only run a small business from a rented shop and have never used asbestos - why do I need to worry about having a survey done" ?To see the answer to this and other questions click FAQ

The Duty Holder
Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 defines the duty holder as follows;

(a) every person who has, by virtue of a contract or tenancy, an obligation of any extent in relation to the maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises or any means of access thereto or egress therefrom; or

(b) in relation to any part of non-domestic premises where there is no such contract or tenancy, every person who has, to any extent, control of that part of those non-domestic premises or any means of access thereto or egress therefrom, and where there is more than one dutyholder, the relevant contribution to be made by each such person in complying with the requirements of this regulation will be determined by the nature and extent of the maintenance and repair obligation owed by that person.

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